09/22 – Planning & Scheduling

Planning & Scheduling section

  • Section Plans is renamed to Planning & Scheduling (Planning in the menu)

  • Schedules/block/matrix switchers are moved up, highlighted

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New: Planning & Scheduling

List of schedules

The term plan is deprecated and merged with the term schedule

  • The term plan is deprecated. Previously used terms plan (schedule before generating) and schedule (schedule after generating) are merged into one – schedule.

  • A schedule has two states: draft (yellow pencil icon) or ready-to-air (green lightning icon).

  • The overview of schedules (table) is improved.

  • If a microservice plays the playlist, the play button in other schedules detail is disabled.

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New: list of schedules

Schedule details

  • Schedule details for both states draft and ready-to-air are simplified.

New: schedule details - draft and ready-to-air

Schedule Editor

Planning, scheduling

The Plan Editor is deprecated and moved into the Schedule Editor

  • Manual generating into a schedule is deprecated.

  • Plan Editor is deprecated. Previous Plan Editor and Schedule Editor are merged into one - Schedule Editor.

Previous: deprecated Plan Editor - plan before saving
Previous: deprecated Plan Editor - plan after saving, before being generated into a schedule
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Previous: Schedule Editor - running schedule = playlist
  • Schedule menu name changed from format “date schedule_name” to format “date channel_name | plan_name"

  • Actions from the selected menu moved under more menu (the "..." button)

  • Go-to-playout monitor moved into the menu under the schedule name

  • Break play on a running schedule (playlist) is removed from the Schedule Editor and remains only in the playout monitor

New: draft schedule detail
New: play the schedule from Schedule Editor
New: running schedule = playlist

The boxes editor is deprecated